Checking your vSlice balance:-

Step 1) Visit MyEtherWallet

Step 2) Click the ‘Send Ether & Tokens’ tab.

Step 3) Enter your private key file, OR the private key (the one you used to buy vSlice).

Step 4) Click the “Add Custom Token” button on the left.

Step 5) Enter these details:

  • ADDRESS: 0x5c543e7AE0A1104f78406C340E9C64FD9fCE5170

STEP 6) Click ‘Save’.

Now wait for your wallet to update with the token amount.

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16 thoughts on “Checking Your vSlice Balance”

  1. Please send the Tx details. We’ll get it fixed for you right away.

    You can’t ‘lose’ ETH though. They are on the network. They have to be at some address. Either yours or ours.

    So just send us the Tx and we’ll get it fixed for you immediately.

      1. 0xdcdc22570e6df53de4fa44c2b29618f6848c092165ed83f47220b938c95a0542
        Block Height: 2630642 (391 block confirmations)
        TimeStamp : 1 hr 32 mins ago (Nov-15-2016 09:05:13 AM +UTC)
        From: 0x7ed1e469fcb3ee19c0366d829e291451be638e59
        To: Contract 0x8bccc9ba2e5706e24a36dda02ca2a846e39a7bbf
        Value: 50 Ether ($499.50)
        Gas: 61778
        Gas Price: 0.00000004 Ether
        Gas Used By Transaction: 61778
        Actual Tx Cost/Fee: 0.00247112 Ether ($0.02)
        Cumulative Gas Used: 474446
        Nonce: 10531

  2. Hi vDice Team,

    First of all I wish you all the best and congratulations on going successful token sales.

    I verified vSlice token balance in MyEtherWallet website using my key file, thanks for the tokens.
    may I know the alternative ways to check vSlice token balances incase MyEtherWallet website down?

    Thanks in advance.
    Srinivasa Reddy Sirapu

  3. Damn so if Ive sent directly to the address generated in the buy Vslice site from my trading account, I can still track it ? Or should I have deposited it in my “ETH” wallet account first then bought some Vslice from there? New at this…

  4. Hi vDice Admin,

    I have directly send the ETH from my cold wallet to Vslice address, the token balance do not show up. Do I make it wrong? How to get my balance show up?

    Thank you

  5. Hi, I didn\’t use myetherwallet to buy tokens but instead Ethereum-wallet. How do i retrieve my tokens?

    My tranx is as follows:
    TxHash: 0x2d09c1d9b5e8d68e9d311cacb6f890162a457c719c5b15efa939038940f9bc67
    Block Height: 2665251 (238850 block confirmations)
    TimeStamp : 39 days 13 hrs ago (Nov-21-2016 01:28:57 AM +UTC)
    From: 0x7add21bd681bceaf52f439c54c5145ab5dcd875c
    To: Contract 0x8bccc9ba2e5706e24a36dda02ca2a846e39a7bbf (vSliceMultisig)
    Value: 100.002 Ether ($815.02)
    Gas: 90000
    Gas Price: 0.00000002 Ether
    Gas Used By Transaction: 61778
    Actual Tx Cost/Fee: 0.00123556 Ether ($0.01)
    Cumulative Gas Used: 1375829

  6. Hi,

    I\\\’m hoping I can get some assistance here. I\\\’m trying to send 2.5 Eth out of the Vslice wallet to my exchange account. It appears I\\\’m missing a step or two in the process. This is how I\\\’m attempting:

    1. entered private key which successfully decrypted the wallet.
    2. In the \\\”to address\\\” I entered the address to my exchange account
    3. In the \\\”amount to send\\\” I entered 2.4 Eth
    4. In the \\\”gas\\\” field I entered 200,000
    5. I press the \\\”generate\\\” button

    Nothing happens?

    Thanks in advance.

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