vDice ICO is Complete

vDice ICO is Complete

The vDice ICO is complete and issuance of the vSlice token is now over.

Thanks for the support everyone. We are truly humbled by everyone’s belief in the platform and the team.

Now the hard work begins.

To update, these are the goals to hit before end-of-year:

  • Token Update
  • Social Media
  • Designs
  • Exchanges
  • Web Wallet
  • The Game, Platform & Further Updates

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Checking Your vSlice Balance

Checking your vSlice balance:-

Step 1) Visit MyEtherWallet

Step 2) Click the ‘Send Ether & Tokens’ tab.

Step 3) Enter your private key file, OR the private key (the one you used to buy vSlice).

Step 4) Click the “Add Custom Token” button on the left.

Step 5) Enter these details:

  • ADDRESS: 0x5c543e7AE0A1104f78406C340E9C64FD9fCE5170

STEP 6) Click ‘Save’.

Now wait for your wallet to update with the token amount.

Bet Proof Verification

Bet Proof Verification for vDice

In this post we will deal with Proof Verification for bets on vDice.

Proving and verifying bets is important. vDice is the leading blockchain gambling game on Ethereum. You use the blockchain to verify bets.

Proof is important. For the proof verification we recommend to use the offchain-network-monitor, as it is open-source. It’s already deployed for simplicity here.

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vDice ICO Update October 28th

The vDice ICO Update October 28th

ICO Update October 28th – The vDice ICO Starts : November 15th.

The vDice Team

vDice is a live Dapp. So many people work to make vDice a success.

Some of the vDice team were even on the original Ethereum team!

Everyone deserves recognition. We have updated the site. Now you can see all the key people.

Everyone is there who keeps the vDice game so successful. Without them we wouldn’t have one of the best, live Dapps in Ethereum.

Thanks everyone.

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