How To Buy vSlice




Buying vSlice With Ether (ETH)

[Step 1]

Just send ETH to the ‘genesis address’.


Make sure to include 200,000 GAS in your transaction. DO NOT send from an exchange account / wallet (e.g. Coinbase).


You will automatically receive vSlice at your Ether (ETH) address.

Your ETH private key is also your vSlice private key. 


[Step 2]

Once the transaction clears, check your vSlice balance.


Just click “Check Wallet Balance”. Then enter your ETH private key.

That’s it. You will see your ETH and vSlice balance.




Buying vSlice With Bitcoin / Alt-Coin

[Step 1]

Make a password. Then click “Generate vSlice Wallet”.


Your vSlice and ETH are held at the same address. Save the Private Key File and record the Private Key. It is your vSlice / ETH Private Key.

These are very IMPORTANT.



[Step 2]

Write down your vSlice / ETH address.

It is where you will receive your ETH and vSlice tokens.



[Step 3]

Now you need to send ETH to your address above. To do that we have integrated Shapeshift.

Just Click: “Click Here – Send ETH to your vSlice Address [using Shapeshift]”


The Shapeshift Window will open.

Enter the coin you are using (BTC, LTC, etc.) and click “Submit”.


You will see an address (and QR code). Send your coins there.



It will be automatically turned into ETH.

Then the ETH is automatically sent to your vSlice wallet. Just Like Magic!


[Step 4]

Click ‘Buy vSlice’ section tab at top of page.



[Step 5]

At the ‘Buy vSlice’ tab you need to enter your Private Key.

(Either upload the Private Key file or type your Private Key).



[Step 6]

On the left side you will see your ETH balance.

If it says ‘0’ you will have to wait a few more minutes for update. Just refresh the browser. Then enter your private key again.


Once your balance is showing, enter the amount of ETH you want to spend on vSlice.

Then click “Generate”.

The “Buy vSlice Button” will appear. Click it.


That’s it! Congratulations!

You have just bought vSlice tokens.

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33 thoughts on “How To Buy vSlice – Instructions”

  1. Ive yet to make a purchase with Ethereum. I was told gas is similar to satoshi/gwei is this correct? If I use one Eth Coin how will I know if there’s enough gas?
    Kind regards

    1. Gas is very similar to the transaction fees on Bitcoin.

      To buy for ICO you just send to the ICO smart contract address.
      And you automatically get vDice tokens (called vSlice).

      vSlice are a token on the Ethereum blockchain.
      So whatever Ethereum address (and private key) you use to buy vSlice, that’s also your vSlice address / private key.

  2. So VSL is the token name. Got it. When tracking tokens, there are 3 variables. Address, Token Symbol, and Decimals. So the token is VSL. Would you happen to know the other 2 parameters? Is the Address the same as the contract address that we send to? Decimals 8 or 16 or something else? Also… what is the start block?

      1. Sent 50 ether an hour ago and lost it all be careful people. I dont know how to contact them to try and retrieve my lost funds but looks like they will just keep it and i will get robbed. If you don’t understand how to buy vslice 100 percent dont send anything anywhere its not as simple as they make it sound

        1. Please send the Tx details. We’ll get it fixed for you right away.

          You can’t ‘lose’ ETH though. They are on the network. They have to be at some address. Either yours or ours.

          So just send us the Tx and we’ll get it fixed for you immediately.

          1. 0xdcdc22570e6df53de4fa44c2b29618f6848c092165ed83f47220b938c95a0542
            Block Height: 2630642 (391 block confirmations)
            TimeStamp : 1 hr 32 mins ago (Nov-15-2016 09:05:13 AM +UTC)
            From: 0x7ed1e469fcb3ee19c0366d829e291451be638e59
            To: Contract 0x8bccc9ba2e5706e24a36dda02ca2a846e39a7bbf
            Value: 50 Ether ($499.50)
            Gas: 61778
            Gas Price: 0.00000004 Ether
            Gas Used By Transaction: 61778
            Actual Tx Cost/Fee: 0.00247112 Ether ($0.02)
            Cumulative Gas Used: 474446
            Nonce: 10531

    1. Veuillez suivre ce processus pour voir:

      Étape 1) Visitez

      Étape 2) Cliquez sur l’onglet ‘Send Ether and Tokens’.

      Étape 3) Entrez votre clé privée.

      Étape 4) Cliquez sur le bouton “Add Custom Token” sur la gauche.

      Étape 5) Entrez ces détails:

      ADRESSE: 0x5c543e7AE0A1104f78406C340E9C64FD9fCE5170
      DÉCIMALES: 18

      ÉTAPE 6) Cliquez sur «Enregistrer».

      Maintenant, attendez que votre portefeuille soit mis à jour avec le montant du jeton.

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  3. Hi,

    How do i check how many VDICE I have got? I sent a small amount of ETH to you guys roughly 1 hour ago however I cannot find the VDICE tokens that I own.


    That is my Eth Address.

    Please can you help

  4. I bouht 9 ether worth of vslice tokens but they are not displayed in my wallet, could you please explain this? TxHash:0x34ca4db1c1b52dc40ebd80614d87fdde7344bbfb5c2afc60e745392c091e3e62

  5. I can confirm that I bought in and received my VSL after following the instructions in the blog link provided 🙂

    Happy investing everyone!

  6. Hi. I have sent ether but could not get token display. I think the problem is the gas. Could you please tell me how can i get ether back. if my transaction does not have enough gas. How can i set the gas amount when sending ether?

    1. Hi,

      You should send with min. 200000 Gas.
      Any unused Gas will be returned to your wallet automatically.

      You can find your transaction on the blockchain and see if it successfully executed.

      If it executed successfully, then you can check your balance by following this simple process:

      We’re in the process of intergating the Token with parity, etherscan, etc. for ease of reference.

      For the moment the above process is the easiest way to check your balance.

  7. Thank you for your help.
    I sent 3 Bit from Blockchaininfo.

    The destination is
    14 W mQ c 5 V 1 Z Du D R i T 8 FK g L 6 Aau z c G f G t 62 k

    Will it take time to reflect?
    Please check.

    I have erased the secret key. Are you okay

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