Our Betting Dapp Making Ethereum Betting Great Again

It’s been crazy since launch. Everybody loves vDice.io …Great, so great.

Now we have one of our guys just doing replies…only replies. Can you believe it?

We’re a small team, but we have to put a guy just on replies. It’s crazy. Thanks everyone.

Even the feminists love us. You know how hard they are to please. 😉

Betting Dapp Verified at vDice 1

Some people asked about contract verification.

They keep telling us how amazing and secure it is. They keep saying it’s the best betting contract, maybe…ever.

They can’t believe it. They want to verify it. OK, well that’s the power of Ethereum. Everyone can do that. The team who developed the contract are doing that now.

Betting Dapp Road Ahead?

Everyone wants to know the other stuff that’s coming. It’s only been 2 days. Already, everyone wants more. OK, well:

1). Fully responsive UX.

2). Troll box.

3). QR Codes for Betting Addresses.

4). Affiliate Program.

The game UI/UX is amazing. Already we’re gonna make it better.

Betting Dapp Verified at vDice

Taylor is a key guy for Ethereum. Everyone knows that.

Did you know he built the Hive Bitcoin Wallet? Such an amazing wallet. The most beautiful Bitcoin wallet ever.

Taylor knows good design and experience.

Then the contract…it’s gonna be faster and more efficient. Zero confirmation is coming.


Haters Gonna Hate. Keep on building.

So our social media guy sends me this message the other day.

He’s being hassled on reddit. He’s not sure what to do. He’s a young kid.

I ask him “Are you OK? Who’s hassling you?”

He sends me this:

Some people are so dishonest. Everybody loves the game. But when you make something really great, there’s always guys like this.

He says he’s sorry to point it out. He’s not sorry.

I don’t know. Maybe he’s building his own Dapp. Maybe he wants to try and compete.

Maybe he doesn’t like how popular we are. Who knows?


And what’s he talking about with updating the Oracle. This guy’s nuts. We’re not the Oracle. We don’t have that power.


Then he uses words like “defacto” to make himself sound all legal…like he knows what he’s talking about.

Believe me, this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. And so sense of humour. He’s so boring. I can only imagine how boring this guy is in real life. What a snooze. This guy has no idea of fun.

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