Bet Proof Verification for vDice

In this post we will deal with Proof Verification for bets on vDice.

Proving and verifying bets is important. Proof is important. For the proof verification the independent developers of this game recommend to use the offchain-network-monitor, as it is open-source. It’s already deployed for simplicity here.

For a manual verification of single proofs, once you have downloaded them from IPFS and you have the file, this is a page signer proof fully compatible with browser extension.

One thing to note is that the oracles.js file of the extension has to be replaced with the Oracles (because in includes details of our notary servers). You can find it here.

The original page-signer is here. It’s a chrome extension, which anybody can install

Here are more details.

Other details are here.


Summary of Proof Verification

  • For automatic checks of last proofs, you just go here.
  • For manual verification of single proofs, you have to checkout.

You replace this file with this.

From chrome, you go to chrome://extensions/ , click on “load unpacked extension” and select the “pagesigner” folder you got at step “a”.

Once the pagesigner extension is installed, you click on “import .pgsg file”, you select the downloaded file proof and the extension verifies it.

For the verification, that’s all.

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