vSlots Beta Live

vSlots Beta Live

We are pleased and proud to announce : vSlots Beta live, and officially in Beta. vSlots is a decentralized slot machine processing bets directly on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can play vSlots here. The game is a Smart Contract on Ethereum and you can view the code here.

Instructions on How To Play vSlots are here.

We hope you enjoy playing vSlots as much as we enjoyed making it.

You will need to use Metamask to play vSlots. Further, it is already live on the main Ethereum network, so you can play today.

vSlots Beta Live

vSlots Going Forward

vSlots is the latest game release in our Dapps section. It is decentralized and processes bets directly on the Ethereum blockchain.

The goal has always been to make truly decentralized betting games, on Ethereum, that are also usable. This is the next iteration in that journey. As always, we welcome your feedback, reports and suggestions.

Development Update November

November Development Update

Faster Betting

Thanks to all our players for the positive feedback on the main vDice game. The improvements around faster bet processing are well received and everyone seems to be enjoying them.

Congratulations from vDice

Exchange Listings

This past month saw the VSL token proudly added to one of the ecosystems leading Alt-Coin exchanges; YoBit.

YoBit is a leading cryptocurrency exchange and leads trading volume in Russia. This should provide added liquidity for the token, as requested by many traders.

More exchange listings and collaborations will be announced over the next 3-months. Stay tuned for those announcements.

Development Progress

Production-ready solidity smart-contract code is leading front-facing implementations of the same code for user game-play. This has been identified as the key issue of concern on the development front.

We will only only be working with Ether Designs for the design of the games, going forward. For front-end web implementations of the games (Web3, Javascript, html, etc) we are hiring new developers. If you are interested in working with us please send your resume to [email protected]

Right now, in addition to working furiously to deliver the front-end for vSlots, we are also working on testing the current iteration of vBinary game.

Extensive testing will ensure that vBinary it is also ready for its own front-end implementation. Mock-ups for the design of vBinary are currently under-way.