First Lock Period Review

First Lock Period Review

Last week was big for vDice. It was the 1st week that the entire Smart Contact system was really tested. The below is a lock period review for this first time.

The vDice platform and vSlice (VSL) token work via interacting Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Lock Period Review 1

There are the Game Smart Contracts. You can see the addresses at the vDice site. These feed profits through to a single Smart Contract, called the ProfitContainer.

The address for the ProfitContainer Smart Contract is here: 0x51FFC1b089392a5bb65BF24EAf04d07D0e6F88B5#internaltx

All future games will also feed profits through to the same ProfitContainer.

The ProfitContainer Smart Contract proved itself. Holders of VSL were able to withdraw their profits successfully.

There was a small hiccup. The UI notification for the ProfitContainer was slightly out of sync with the actual Smart Contract. So users were notified that the lock period was active, slightly before withdrawals were actually possible.

This has been rectified. Though there are 5 days in which to withdraw profits. So it was not a major issue.

Lock Period Review 2

Important Notes

A couple of important things to remember:

  1. Profits do not rollover to the next epoch. They do not accumulate. They are available for you to withdraw in a certain epoch. Then it’s over, until the next epoch lock period.
  2. You can only withdraw profits 1x per epoch.
  3. Check the epoch period here.

We received a lot of feedback and requests about the ProfitContainer and the system. We listened diligently to what our users were saying.

As a result we are building a ProfitContainer calculator. This will allow users to calculate their profits in advance, prior to withdrawal, based on how many VSL they hold.

Overall the system performed well and certainly as expected.

We look forward to releasing more user friendly tools. This will ensure it is a simple to interact with the overall system as possible, for a non-technical user base.

The vDice Vision

vDice Vision for the Platform

We caused a stir recently. You can read our latest Medium post and development update to see why. There we outline the vDice vision.

In this post we set out the larger vision for vDice. That is, where we will be taking the brand and platform, long-term.

As we have always stated, the vDapps area is open to any and all good Ethereum (ETH) betting Dapps.

vDice vision

Anyone is free to submit their Dapps. If they are good and secure, we will support them. Everyone wins in this situation.

This includes any Dapps that are standard casino-style games, implemented as an Ethereum (ETH) Smart Contract.

However, this is not what our own developers will be focusing their energies. Instead, vDice will be looking to develop unique implementations.

We have an eye on gaps in the broader gambling market. Specifically, we seek places where betting is being done, in a technologically primitive way.

Where such gaps exist we will ask 2 simple questions; can this process really benefit from a blockchain (from a user perspective) and, if so, how?

vDice vision

Where the answer is yes, and the benefit is real for a non-technical user, we will build an implementation.

It is our sincere belief that this is the only way to create millions of dollars of value for a platform like vDice. Ultimately, the user needs to benefit in a real and obvious way. This benefit does not come from decentralisation for its own sake.

Submit Your Dapps

If anyone has a Dapp idea or implementation feel free to contact us.

Obviously implementations are preferred. But we can also consider collaboration to build your idea, if it’s good. Just email: [email protected]