vDice ICO Update October 28th

The vDice ICO Update October 28th

ICO Update October 28th – The vDice ICO Starts : November 15th.

The vDice Team

vDice is a live Dapp. So many people work to make vDice a success.

Some of the vDice team were even on the original Ethereum team!

Everyone deserves recognition. We have updated the site. Now you can see all the key people.

Everyone is there who keeps the vDice game so successful. Without them we wouldn’t have one of the best, live Dapps in Ethereum.

Thanks everyone.

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vDice ICO Update – October 12th

Weekly vDice ICO Update

vDice ICO update, since officially announcing the ICO 1-week ago.

The response has been tremendous.

Investors, developers and Ethereum leaders have all shown strong interest.

People really like that vDice is a live, working Dapp.

There have been a few gambling ICOs recently. But no one has a working Dapp. People like that vDice is actually a working product.

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Crowdsale Announcement : vDice (ICO)

vDice (ICO) Crowdsale Announcement

Crowdsale Announcement – Official ICO:

On November 15th, 2016 the vDice Crowdsale will start.

It will last for 30 days, from: Nov. 15th – Dec. 15th, 2016.

vDice went live on June 13th, 2016. It is already the #1 Google Rank for Ethereum Gambling.

It is processing bets, every…single…day…on the Ethereum Blockchain. vDice has done near 10,000 bets already.

We have received a huge number of tweets, messages and emails from fans. Thank you!

crowdsale announcement

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