First Lock Period Review

Last week was big for vDice. It was the 1st week that the entire Smart Contact system was really tested. The below is a lock period review for this first time.

The vDice platform and vSlice (VSL) token work via interacting Ethereum Smart Contracts.

There are the Game Smart Contracts. You can see the addresses at the vDice site. These feed profits through to a single Smart Contract, called the ProfitContainer.

The address for the ProfitContainer Smart Contract is here: 0x51FFC1b089392a5bb65BF24EAf04d07D0e6F88B5#internaltx

All future games will also feed profits through to the same ProfitContainer.

The ProfitContainer Smart Contract proved itself. Holders of VSL were able to withdraw their profits successfully.

There was a small hiccup. The UI notification for the ProfitContainer was slightly out of sync with the actual Smart Contract. So users were notified that the lock period was active, slightly before withdrawals were actually possible.

This has been rectified. Though there are 5 days in which to withdraw profits. So it was not a major issue.

Important Notes

A couple of important things to remember:

  1. Profits do not rollover to the next epoch. They do not accumulate. They are available for you to withdraw in a certain epoch. Then it’s over, until the next epoch lock period.
  2. You can only withdraw profits 1x per epoch.
  3. Check the epoch period here.

We received a lot of feedback and requests about the ProfitContainer and the system. We listened diligently to what our users were saying.

As a result we are building a ProfitContainer calculator. This will allow users to calculate their profits in advance, prior to withdrawal, based on how many VSL they hold.

Overall the system performed well and certainly as expected.

We look forward to releasing more user friendly tools. This will ensure it is a simple to interact with the overall system as possible, for a non-technical user base.

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20 thoughts on “First Lock Period Review”

  1. Someone needs to explain step by step how the process works. I have an account at myetherwallet.. I can view my vsl in that account. ?

      1. does not work – ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key reCAPTCHA

        I also get an error
        Contract 0x51ffc1b089392a5bb65bf24eaf04d07d0e6f88b5
        Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Bad jump destination]

        1. Ollie, the Captcha error we are aware of. It will be fixed shortly.
          And certainly well before the next lock period for withdrawing profits.

          For all issues with betting, please contact our support desk. That is, got to and click the ‘Support’ tab to open a ticket.

          Having said that we also see the email. And you are not sending bets with enough GAS. You need to send bets with min. 180000 GAS.

  2. What happens to the ETH which are not withdraw in the lock period?… i didnt withdraw them since i was in vacation. The fact that profits do not accumulate is a big drawback of the system in my opinion. Donyou have plan to fix that?

    1. It’s a design feature, engineering decision and implementation that maximises security.

      If there is a more secure way to do that, then we will implement it.

      But we absolutely always favour security above all else.

  3. I have some vsl from the ico. Was there a distribution of profits in the previous unlock ?, because I did not receive any, or did not know how to do what was necessary to receive it. Tomorrow there is another unlock, I hope to know how to do it well.

      1. Thank you for your attention
        I complete all the steps and responds that I have insufficient funds.
        You will know what I do wrong?
        Thanks a lot

  4. Ok, so I missed the first lock period. So, I was watching closely for this new one today. I go to check my balance, put in my ether addy, i\’m not a robot, and calculate profit. Nothing. 0 VSL? I go to myetherwallet and follow the walkthrough to go ahead and attempt it anyways. I have about 1450 VSL… so that\’s not enough to earn even 1 wei? And if it doesn\’t accumulate from missed locks, and I hold that amount of VSL only, then how will I eventually earn enough without the accumulation? Wait for your site to earn more fees so that my % is more than 1 wei? Or simply purchase more VSL? I dunno. This just seems weird.

    Am I missing something here?

    1. OK, but also please note that the cobtract is in ‘unlock’ period now. You can see that here:

      You can only withdraw from the profit container during ‘lock’ periods.

  5. How many dividend payouts have there been? The first in January? Is it every month, week? Very unclear.

    If an investor does not withdraw the dividend during a five day lock in period he/she has lost the dividend?

    What happens to the unclaimed dividends?

    1. It is every month. Unclaimed stays in the pool. Then distributed to everyone evenly for next period. You must withdraw every lock period.

      You can keep updated here:
      It counts down to the ‘Lock’ period. When it says it is in a Lock period, that’s the time to withdraw.


      1. Vslice: \\\”It is every month.\\\”
        Same date each month?

        How can we track this without visiting the website all the time? RSS feed?

        Can you list all past and future lockin dates?

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