Development Update February

Development Update February

So much has happened. So much is happening. We’ve been busy. In this development update February we look at it all.

We’ve received a huge amount of feedback, comments, emails, messages and praise. Thank you!

Building a truly great Dapp like vDice is only possible with you; the community.

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First Lock Period Review

First Lock Period Review

Last week was big for vDice. It was the 1st week that the entire Smart Contact system was really tested. The below is a lock period review for this first time.

The vDice platform and vSlice (VSL) token work via interacting Ethereum Smart Contracts.

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The vDice Vision

vDice Vision for the Platform

We caused a stir recently. You can read our latest Medium post and development update to see why. There we outline the vDice vision.

In this post we set out the larger vision for vDice. That is, where we will be taking the brand and platform, long-term. As we have always stated, the vDapps area is open to any and all good Ethereum (ETH) betting Dapps.
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Claim Your vSlice (VSL) Bounty Reward

How to Claim Your vSlice (VSL) Bounty Reward

We would like to say thanks with the bounty reward.

There are 33,390,496.033375600026660590 vSlice tokens.

We really want to pay rewards to our true supporters. We spent a lot of time to you on share issues. Many contacted us and we helped them. Now we are no longer accepting changes in Shares.


Total VSL Sold: 33,390,496.033375600026660590 vSlice tokens

In total there are 2.5% funds allocated for Bounties in the following order:

  1. 1% for Signature campaign : 333904.96 Token
  2. 0.5% for Translation: 166952.48 Token
  3. 0.5% for Twitter campaign: 166952.48 Token
  4. 0.5% for Facebook campaign: 166952.48 Token

How to claim your Bounties

How To Send and Receive vSlice

Instruction Guide – Send and Receive vSlice

Send and Receive vSlice Tokens with this guide to get started.

We are working on the vSlice web wallet. This will allow users to easily interact with their vSlice tokens.

In the meantime, you can follow this process to use your vSlice Tokens:-

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vDice ICO is Complete

vDice ICO is Complete

The vDice ICO is complete and issuance of the vSlice token is now over.

Thanks for the support everyone. We are truly humbled by everyone’s belief in the platform and the team.

Now the hard work begins.

To update, these are the goals to hit before end-of-year:

  • Token Update
  • Social Media
  • Designs
  • Exchanges
  • Web Wallet
  • The Game, Platform & Further Updates

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比特币于2013年获得了大量的关注, 随着比特币的普及, 一种普遍观点开始显现出来: 比特币, 这种新兴技术固然非常重要, 但是重要在哪里? 人们还不知道.

一些开始了进一步的思考, 有没有其它途径提高这种技术的应用水平呢?

然而这种思潮遇到了挫折, 比特币是否能够支持应用, 人们还不得而知, 至少, 当时还没有出现类似的应用.

科技发展十分迅速, 有一些也得到了应用, 后来, 一个19岁的神童 – Vitalik Buterin 决定开辟自己的道路.

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Los cerebritos descentralizando los juegos de apuestas

Los cerebritos descentralizando los juegos de apuestas online.


Domingo, 27 de Noviembre del 2016. 9:15PM UTC

Lo siguiente es un transcrito de una entrevista con Tristan Winters de vDice.

  • ¿Qué son “vDice” y “vSlice”?

vDice es la primera plataforma completamente descentralizada del mundo.

Aprovechando el protocolo blockchain de la próxima generación de Ethereum, los contratos inteligentes y la tecnología Oracle, hemos creado la primera versión de lo que será una revolución en los juegos de apuestas en línea.

vSlice es un token vinculado al sistema. Es lo que se compra para obtener la exposición al éxito de vSlice a través de la ICO.

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