"...vdice.io works. It relies on oraclize, which is a hefty library that does cool things."
Peter Vessenes
Blockhain Expert & Security Blogger  -  vessenes.com
June 30, 2016
"This is just amazing"
Patrizio Stavola
CRM and SFA expert. Focus on Blockchains.  -  twitter.com/halovast
June 11, 2016
"This is amazing. I can't believe it."
Ethereum Developer  -  www.reddit.com/user/Devether
July 04, 2016

Welcome to vDice.io…the Most Popular Ethereum Betting Game in the universe!

We’re your lense for viewing Ether Gambling Dapps. We’re a platform showcasing the best of the Ethereum network. Yep, that’s us.

Exciting stuff. Very bleeding-edge.


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Learn all there is to know about Ethereum, gambling smart contracts and decentralisation.

We’re all about the games here. And they’re amazing.

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Starting with the flag-ship of Ether Gambling Dapps; vDice itself.

vDice.io is at the cutting edge of the decentralised revolution.

Developers are making the best Gambling Dapps for Ethereum.

vDice.io is THE place to see those Dapps.

These gambling games live and love on Ethereum.

They work without a central repository or single admin. They’re infinitely replicable organisms here to decentralize the universe (there’s that hyperbole again).


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